Ram ProMaster: Durable, Safe and Comfortable!

The Ram ProMaster is a popular cargo van for those who want a vehicle that stands up to heavy-duty uses. At Berthod Motors, we enjoy talking with business owners and those looking for a personal vehicle about the durability features on the Ram ProMaster. There are many features on the ProMaster that make it an ideal van for driving in Glenwood Springs.

If the weather is harsh, the ProMaster will still get the job done with the antilock brake system. This system helps the van stay put if there are slick conditions because the brakes won't lock, causing the vehicle to slide longer. You are still able to use the brakes to gain control of the ProMaster.

If you are concerned about safety, the Ram ProMaster has six airbags to protect people in the event of a collision. While you may not see the airbags when you drive, rest assured that they are there to keep everyone safe and secure when transporting cargo.



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