Adventure Awaits AT BERTHOD MOTORS

Designed for dedicated overland travelers and recreational explorers alike, the AEV Prospector and Wranglers are outfitted with all the necessary equipment to take you places you never thought were possible. Every AEV component has been meticulously engineered to exceed all expectations, creating a vehicle that exemplifies the unsurpassed build quality and performance that we have built our reputation on. At Berthod Motors we want to offer only the best, that is why we chose to partner with AEV to service our customers in the Roaring Fork Valley from Aspen to Grand Junction to Vail and all points between.

Engineered to Perform

The AEV Prospector and Wrangler packagesĀ are a turn-key vehicle conversion, taking all the guess work out of modifying your truck. The age of mixing and matching aftermarket components is over. All of the components included in the AEV packages are engineered to work in harmony with each other --maximizing both the on road performance and off-road capability of your truck without any compromise in ride quality, handling or towing ability.

Built for the Real World

The AEV 3" DualSport Suspension System found on the Prospector is the ultimate "real world" suspension system - one that allows for greater performance off-road, while also improving driver comfort and vehicle handling characteristics on the road and maintaining the factory load carrying capacity. AEV's DualSport Suspension Systems increases wheel travel, allows for the fitment of larger tires and optimizes the suspension and steering geometry for better handling and reduced driver fatigue.

Exclusively AEV

Every AEVĀ is serial numbered and adorned with exclusive AEV badging to signify that it was hand built by the highly skilled technicians at our Commerce Township, MI production facility and backed by our 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

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